The Novabase Capital management team possesses solid experience in the creation, acquisition and management of technology-based companies, combining diverse expertise in the areas of finance, strategy, management, and particularly information systems.

  • María Gil

    Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas-ICAI and the National University of Distance Education (UNED) and MBA from INSEAD.

    Director of Novabase Capital. Director with special responsibilities of Novabase SGPS, S.A.

  • Álvaro Ferreira

    Degree in Computer Engineering from the Science and Technology Faculty of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, complemented by an MBA from Universidade Nova de Lisboa

    Member of the Novabase Capital Board of Directors, Executive member of the Board Novabase SGPS, S.A.

  • Francisco Antunes

    Degree in Management and a Master of Finance from ISCTE.

    Member of the Novabase Capital Board of Directors, CFO of Novabase SGPS, S.A. and director at several Novabase Group companies.

  • Amália Parente

    Human Resources Management degree from Universidade Lusófona and Master of Business Sciences from the Higher Institute of Economics and Management (ISEG).

    In charge of Novabase Capital’s Reporting & Compliance and Novabase SGPS’s Investor Relations. Analyst of Novabase Capital’s incoming investment requests.

  • Susana Pires Gonçalves

    Degree in Executive Advisory and Post-Graduation in Business Consultancy from ISLA - Higher Institute of Languages and Administration, currently European University.

    Responsible for the administrative advice of Novabase Capital and Novabase SGPS, S.A .

  • Catarina Leitão Afonso

    Degree in Economics from Nova School of Business & Economics and Master in Finance, major in Financial Markets from Nova School of Business & Economics.

    Responsible for dealflow, screening and due diligence for daily operations.